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The Product

The core of the body-washer is a roller brush. While a lotion cleanses the body thoroughly, the brush gives a gentle massage and stimulates the skin.

The down and upwards movement of the roller brush ensures a close head-to-toe lavation. Also, you may choose among various massages: Be it a full body massage or just a massage for specific areas, as a neck/back massage or a thigh/lower leg massage – the roller brush provides them all.

An integrated spray rod with a row of nozzles completely removes any remains of soap from all areas of the body.

Handling the body-washer is very easy. Via the operational device, you may chose amongst various automatic or manually operated cleaning and wellness programmes.

Where can you purchase the body-washer?

The Body-washer is distributed by body-washer GmbH. You may order it directly at the company. For further details, please see the Contact page on this website.

  • High Quality Product
  • Made in Germany
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to set up



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